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“Let me just say I am in love with this novel! Most importantly, I need to scream at the top of my lungs, ” Wow! I fell completely in love with this book from the very first page! The plot was well planned out and every detail of the story plays an important part in our character, Tandie’s life. I can’t stand when a story will go off on a tangent and it have no basis on the actual story. Hacienda Moon doesn’t do this at all. Every encounter, even if it seemed small, ties in so expertly that it leaves you saying to yourself wow I never thought about it like that.”


Blogger, Read Til My Heart's Content

“Throughout the majority of the novel, my heart was thrashing around in my chest in sheer anticipation of what was going to transpire next. Honestly, I was all over the place trying to predict where KaSonndra was going to toss my emotions. Should I laugh? Should I cry? Should I hide up under the covers like a crazy person? I believe she truly hits on every chord, from happy, to devastated, angry and fearful.”

Diayll Sales

Blogger, Mother, Gamer, Writer

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