The Seraphine Trilogy

Once upon a time an angel fell in love with a mermaid…and the god of the sea cast a curse!

“For those that have read KaSonndra Leigh’s books, you know this woman can write, and write she does! I was unsure just how this book would be, sorry Ka, because the authors written so many other books since the first one and dealing with high schoolers has a different tone and feel than writing about those who are older than that. KaSonndra, you did it again, you blew my mind.”

Marni Jarman

Moderator of Never Too Old For Young Adult Goodreads Group on Lost Seraphine

“The characters were awesome. Caleb was a great character. He had his flaws and he realized he had his flaws. He was funny and nice but around Gia he was serious. Gia was great too, and she had me guessing until the end what she was. All the side characters were good too, and I liked how all of them had a purpose.”


The One Minute Bookworm Blog on Dark Seraphine

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The Seraphine Trilogy

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